The BMW X5 is a luxury mid-size SUV introduced in 1999 as the first generation E53. It was BMW's first SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) also known as "Four-by-Four" (4x4) in the UK. It features all-wheel drive which is branded as the "X" drive system and is available with either manual or automatic transmission. The second generation X5, known as the E70, was launched in 2006, with the first M version announced in 2009.
BMW describes the X5 as a Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV) rather than an SUV, to emphasize its on-road ability despite its size. Like the Lexus RX 300 and Mercedes M-Class, the X5 heralded the shift from truck-based body-on-frame SUVs to sedan-based crossovers that would come to fruition in the late 2000s.

X5s are manufactured in Greer, South Carolina at the Spartanburg BMW plant or Toluca, Mexico at the BMW de México plant.[1]. Since July 2009, some assembly operations are also performed in Kaliningrad, Russia by Avtotor.

In 2003, BMW launched the smaller X3, which uses the "X" prefix for the 4 wheel drive system or BMW "X" drive system and the BMW SAVs which were derivatives of the BMW number-series models.

This car has power and performance into the character of BMW M cars, produced by a new engine with Twin Turbo M TwinPower Scroll Twin Turbo Technology as well as the exhaust manifold that extends over a row of cylinders. This car provides response and exceptional spontaneity, boost engine power is linear, and torque is remarkably consistent.

M TwinPower new Turbo engine is capable of generating power and higher performance while maintaining fuel efficiency. This machine is equipped with High Precision Direct Injection technology and a variety of BMW EfficientDynamics. This machine requires only an average of 14.3 liters of fuel to travel 100 kilometers, with an average flue gas CO2 per kilometer of 335gram. This engine meets Euro-5 standard.

BMW X5 M car is the latest all-wheel-drive is the first production of BMW M GmbH, which combines the BMW xDrive and Dynamic Performance Control with all the standards and quality which is the character of the cars M. This car carries the characteristics of excellent driving dynamics and supported the stability and exceptional traction. Driving pleasure offered by this car also combined with the agility that is unmatched in its segment.