Bentley Continental GT 2011

Bentley Continental GT 2011

Recently Bentley Continental GT perfected version with more dynamic. Some of the exterior of this luxury coupe has been revised so that more muscular. According to Bentley, changes were made to make the Continental GT in 2011 deserves to be called a new model.

The most visible changes are shown on the exterior. Now the curve lines front fenders create a new spirit. The same was seen in the curve of the ramps on the main light. Grille and lower intake is also rejuvenated. But that is also very interesting is the use of LED lights surrounding the primary.

Meanwhile changes in the stern style influenced Bentley Mulsanne, where the lights are put back in tune with the flow of new fenders. This all changes ekstrior has lowered wind resistance value to 0.33 cd. While the weight is now 65kg lighter than previous models.

In addition to changing the sculptured exterior, Conti GT 2011 also revised the kitchen runway. With a 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12, Conti GT 2011 capable of releasing energy 6.000rpm 575 hp with torque at 700 Nm at 1.700rpm. Poorer mechanical heart is also more efficient. Because the Conti GT 2011 could drink gasoline and E85 (vegetable oil).

 To accompany the performance is great, Conti GT 2011 6-speed transmission equipped with a 50% Quickshift more responsive. Even the distance of the width of the rear wheel departure claimed could serve a big round of system of all-wheel-drive (AWD) is now in composition to 40/60 front / rear. The result, now the Conti GT 2011 only takes 10.2 seconds for the shot 0-100 km / hour. While the top speed can reach up to 318 mph.

The plan, next year will release a model Bentley 4.0-liter V8 engine. Unfortunately, Bentley is still keeping the second technical economic unit.