Maybach 57S

Maybach 57S

Maybach is one of the cars, known as a sub-brand of Mercedes Benz. But this car has the privilege of not less than its parent. As in the Maybach 57S. In the Maybach 57S there are various advantages that may not be found in Mercedes Benz. Both the interior, exterior, and in the ability of the machine. Clearly, this car is also included in the ranks of luxury cars and classy.

Interior changes include .925 sterling silver "Maybach Manufacturing" badging in seat backrests, new seat stitching as well as new interior colors, trims and paints to update the already incredibly luxurious cabin. Also earnest Front passengers enjoy the reclining front seat That was Previously only found in the longer wheelbase models.

Also changed is the massive 6.0-liter bi-turbo V12 engine, now Slightly uprated for a total output of 620 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque, while still being mated to a stout five-speed automatic transmission.

Of course, all of That power must be Transferred to the asphalt, and in the latest model of the 57 S year (and 62 S) models will from be shod as standard with new 12-spoke 20-inch wheels in noble sterling silver. All models are Also available in the new Bahamas Blue paint.

That says Maybach Also the aerodynamic signature of the vehicle has been improved, the which helped to reduce Also the interior noise levels and increase of passenger comfort.

Like the rest of the Maybach lineup, the Maybach 57 S is rated at 10 city, 16 highway miles per gallon.

As with all Maybach models, the 57 S does not particularly have a list of "standard" features as EACH model is custom ordered and is highly customizable. In fact, the Maybach does not even publish a content list for its models for the media or customers - to get this information one must visit a dealership to view the massive custom order guides.

That said, there are A Few details known about the latest 57 S, but the automaker did That announce new items are available on request, Among Them seat piping the which is hand-braided or refined with crystallized Swarovski Elements, an atomizer and perfume flacon EXQUISITE a WLAN router for wireless internet access.

This state-of-the-art WLAN connection uses HSDPA, UMTS and GSM / EDGE transmission standards. A new mobile phone hands-free system with Bluetooth functionality is Also available in the rear, and a newly developed DVD player in the rear now Also reads the extended DVD formats.

As one Would Expect in a luxury executive sedan with a starting price of fast approaching $ 415,000, the Maybach 57 S showcases masterly handcraftsmanship with no compromises in the interior, Nowhere materials of the highest quality abound. Also there are three new interior appointments with different leather, carpet and headlining colors.

That Maybach technology that does not exist in its parent. With all of that user Maybach always made comfortable and faithful in the products it releases.

Maybach 57S

Maybach 57S Interior

Maybach 57S

Maybach 57S